Beech is the common tree in Europe. Beech tree makes up 80% of forest in Europe. For this reason, European furniture is mainly made of beech lumber.



Kiln dried Beech lumber imported from Germany has the moisture content of 8 - 12°C.

- Dimensions of kiln dried Beech lumber:

+ Thickness:

 26 (23.8) mm

 32 (29.5) mm

 38 (36) mm

 52 (48.5) mm  

+ Width: from 100mm

+ Length: 2m; 2.25m; 2.45m; 2.75m; 3.05m; 4.15 (3.85m)


- Packaging of kiln dried Beech lumber:

+ Short bundle: 4 → 6 feet

+ Long bundle: 10 → 16 feet

- Grades of kiln dried Beech lumber:
+ Superior: Having the best quality and the longest length - used for high-grade products.
+ Superior 1 Face: The special grade for projects that need to focus on only 1 surface.
+ Cabinet: Suitable for projects that require a lot of long boards.
+ Custom Shop: An economical grade for projects that require an average length or shorter.
+ Superior Colour: The most suitable grade for common projects (boards of Cabinet and Custom Shop grade with a dark heartwood).