Acacia has the scientific name as Acacia auriculiformis.

Description: Various uses, straight trunk, 25 - 30m in height, 60 - 80m in diameter, blackish grey bark, small fissures (2 - 3mm) along the trunk. The leaves are alternate and bipinnately arranged, and their pinnae are usually opposite. Flowers are bisexual, racemose, yellow in color.
Gỗ tràm

Acacia trees grow fast and adapt to many conditions. Acacia brings high economic values, therefore, Vietnam Government attach special importance to policies of growing Acacia forest to green unoccupied lands and bare hills, as well as improving forestry lands and providing raw materials for wood processing industry and paper industry.

Acacia is grown and harvested in a scientific process which meets all the standards and using purposes. Acacia wood is usually harvested from forests grown over 13 years and the tree diameter must be over 18cm, at this stage, the wood has a light yellow color, few defects, good hardness, over 650kg/m3 density, low shrinkage, less distortion when processed.

Our Acacia lumber is guaranteed with CO, no warping, splitting.

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