Teak wood has the scientific name as Tectona grandis.


+ Teak wood is dark yellow or grey with a tinge of brown. Clear growth rings, latewood has thinly scattered and smaller grains than earlywood. The rays are small and sparse. Teak wood has an average density of 0.7, 32 kg/cm² tensile strength perpendicular to grain, 471 kg/cm² compressive strength parallel to grain and 1.253 kg/cm² buckling strength.
Gỗ teak (Gỗ giá tỵ)

Teak is a deciduous tree, up to 30m in height, 60-80cm in diameter. The outer bark is yellowish grey with long and narrow fissures along the bark. Leaves are ovate-elliptic to ovate. Fragrant flowers are born in wide panicle.

Teak is a valuable wood with a beautiful grain pattern, fine texture, large but smooth grains, no warping, splitting, checking, good resistance to decay and termites. Besides, Teak has good characteristics for bending and a good compressive strength, for this reason, Teak is usually used for making tables, chairs and cabinets. Teak wood can endure weather change and harshest conditions better than any other woods; therefore, it is used for valuable products such as gun-stock, yacht building, crossties for train rail.
+ Teak wood has been used as construction materials for over 150 years. Teak is the favorite wood in many places all over the world. Because Teak wood has much oil, the more Teak products are used, the greater their lustre will become.
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