Walnut lumber 4/4
Vietnamese name : Oc Cho (Walnut). Scientific name: Juglan nigra
General description: 
Walnut lumber 4/4 is famous for its natural color - dark chestnut color - with luxurious grain pattern. 
Our Walnut lumber is from raw Black Walnut wood with natural color, imported from North America.
Gỗ óc chó 8/4 (gỗ walnut 8/4)
All products made of Walnut lumber are covered with a coat of protective oil whose color can stand out natural and beautiful color of Black Walnut wood. Finally, they are covered with an oil coat of natural color. Paint coats used in manufacturing process can protect furniture from normal stains and keep their natural color for a long time.
The natural color of Walnut wood is always the most favorite color not only in Vietnam but also all over the world.
Walnut lumber 4/4

Kiln dried Walnut lumber imported from North America has the moisture content of 8 - 12°C.


- Dimensions of kiln dried Walnut lumber:

+ Thickness: 4/4 = 25.4 mm


- Grades:




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