Cam Xe (Pyinkado) grows mainly in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. In Vietnam, Pyinkado is mostly cultivated in Central and Southern Vietnam. It has the scientific name as Xylia xylocarpa (Roxb) Taub. Xylia dolabriformis Benth.
 Gỗ căm xe
Pyinkado, belonging to Group 2 in Vietnam's Wood Classification Table, is used much in manufacturing home furniture. Pyinkado has become one of the good woods which is used most and has a better price than other woods with the same quality. The wood is stiff, strong, water-resistant, woodworm-resistant, very suitable for Vietnam's weather; therefore, Pyinkado is used for flooring, high-grade doors and many other home furniture. 
Cam Xe has large, round and straight trunk, up to 1.2m in diameter and over 30m in height, with yellowish brown or reddish grey bark. Small trees are usually crooked. Leaves are 2-pinnate, with 1 pair of pinnae.   
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