Ash Lumber 8/4
Gỗ tần bì 8/4 (Gỗ Ash 8/4)
Kiln dried Ash lumber 8/4=50.8 mm imported from America is usually used for funiture, flooring, doors, interior projects, carving, trims, kitchen cabinets, panels, tool handles, sport items, turnery, etc.
Ash wood machines, screws, nails and glues well. The wood also takes stain, sands and dries quite easily. The wood has low distortion when kiln dried.
Physical properties: Ash lumber has a very good compressive strength, which is in direct ratio to the wood weight, excellent shock resistance and good characteristics for steam-bending.

Kiln dried Ash lumber has the moisture content of 8 - 12°C.

- Dimensions of kiln dried Ash lumber:

+ Thickness: 8/4 = 50.8mm

+ Width: from 70mm to 300mm

+ Length: from 4 feet (1.2m) to 16 feet (4.8m)

- Packaging of kiln dried Ash lumber:

+ Short bundle: 4 → 6 feet

+ Long bundle: 10 → 16feet

- Grades:




Durability: The heartwood is not resistant to decay. The sapwood is susceptible to normal woodworms. Preservative cannot be applied for heartwood but works quite well for the sapwood.
Main uses: joinery, flooring, carving, interior trims, doors, kitchen cabinets, panels, tool handles, sport items, turnery, etc.
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